• Candid, reality based building surveys based on decades of experience in construction, building operations and management, ownership and development.
  • Entire building evaluations to establish realistic methods for immediate, mid term and long term solutions for building repairs, upgrades and renovations.
  • Evaluation and inspection of entire buildings from the standpoint of building owners, managers, and contractors.
  • Pre-purchase building surveys for new owners.
  • Consultation services for renovations, repairs, and new buildings.
  • Budget development for renovation, repair and maintenance projects.



  • Specialized construction services for renovations, repairs, and new buildings for a wide range of building types.
  • Installation Supervision and inspection services.
  • Contracting services for facade repairs, insulation, roofing, lintel replacement and new or replacement window installations.
  • Materials delivery logistics, Licensed scaffolding special riggers and operators.
  • Specialized waterproofing and coating solutions for floors, interiors, boiler rooms, clean rooms, and mechanical piping coating and insulation.
  • Liquid applied roofing membrane specialists from entire systems to specialized topside coating and existing system repairs.
  • Custom solutions for secondary containment and confined space waterproofing.  Storage rooms, oil, and chemical safety spill management.

Legacy buildings


  • System design and installation.
  • Inspection and evaluation of existing roofing systems, roofing components and masonry walls and parapets.
  • New flat roofing designs, including high performance compact insulated roofs and protected membrane assemblies
  • Peer Review of system designs, owner's representation and construction supervision and inspections.
  • Roof testing and thermography.
  • ​Designs for wood, concrete, and steel roof decks.